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Robertson Communications

headshotColleen is a storyteller; she is a big picture, strategic thinker with a uniquely strong voice.

She is committed to helping businesses become (and remain) compelling, current and cohesive through their online marketing, online content and overarching strategies.

Learn more about her marketing clients and work on her Clients page.

Want to work with her? Check out the recommendations on her LinkedIn page.

Colleen’s “outstanding creativity and output stem from a highly strategic and collaborative approach that helped us reach a bigger audience than ever before.” – Art with Heart, 2014

Colleen lives and works in Seattle, Washington and is available as a consultant both locally and globally with SMBs, nonprofits and start-ups.

On a personal note: Colleen is a Renaissance woman: she’s an actor, a cowgirl, and a wine aficionado. She speaks French, is an inconstant gardener and loves to sail.

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