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4 Days in NYC

I was pretty excited for my cheesey grits, kale and poached eggs

Since I have returned home with the cold that everyone was fighting when I left Seattle. And since I am moving from Ballard to Capitol Hill this week, it will be a struggle to post about my recent trip to NYC. But, I did photo doc the food well via Twitter, so if you wanna check out the pics immediately to the right of this post, please do!

This one is in a little spot called Egg– our last breakfast in Brooklyn. It was incredibly tasty. Also tried the sausage (a huge side serving- nicely spiced) and the french toast- which was a soft brioche. Of course, being a grits girl who rarely gets them, I had to order and def had to upgrade to cheesy! Hello! It was vacation!

The eggs were perfectly poached and the kale was fresh, and had a great texture/ flavor. As per a yelp review, we had the french press coffee- which is locally roasted and is good stuff.

If you find yourself in Brooklyn, get to Egg for a b-fast, but be prepared for a little wait if you arrive after about 10:30 – since that’s when the world actually starts to wake up in NYC.


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