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Chungees on 12th

I’ve been called a lot of things in my lifetime, but never – to my knowledge – “lazy pig.” Well, Chungees, a Chinese food spot and bar on 12th ave & Denny on Capitol Hill is named after that endearing nickname- a name that the owner uses for her husband .

Last night I showed up with three other guys and sat at the bar where the friendly bartender provided her honest recommendations on the menu. (I solicited those opinions, she wasn’t just shouting them out!).

My pick, the Veggie Mooshu (which I love but is difficult to find) came highly recommended, and rightfully so. It was delish. Although if you are a pancake fiend, they were a little dry and room temp, not the silky soft and warm version that you find in places that are movin the pancakes. If you know what I’m saying.

My fella had hot and sour soup which is back on the menu for Fall/Winter and it looked fresh, full of veggies and wonderful. He slurped it down. Also had were lightly fried potstickers. Yum.

We all had beers – 4 are on tap ranging from Olympia to Lagunitas IPA. There are also specialty cocktails and full bar.

Chungees, which has been there on the corner of Denny & 12th for a year and a half, took over their space from an Italian place. People apparently come in every so often seeking pizza or a burger. But you should be glad that this little spot is what it is. There are picnic tables on the street and they get the afternoon sun perfectly,  so when you are starved for vitamin D, craving Chinese food, and just can’t go on without a Lagunitas IPA, now you know.

Some people think that Seattle doesn’t have places like this. It’s quirky, authentic, inexpensive and good. Well, people, stop complaining, like a chungee, and go someplace new!

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