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Did you see Melancholia? Now go watch Earth Girls Are Easy


Melancholia, the new film by super intense director, Las Von Trier, came out about 2 weeks ago. I watched it immediately w/ my fancy friend, Keita, who gets On-Demand movies the day they come out in theaters (don’t ask me!).

Anyway! The movie itself is aptly named. Well done, Von Trier. (He added the “Von” when he was in art school. Just like that. Makes me think about a few power moves I could make…). Aptly named indeed. This movie is DAMN melancholic. I mean, woah. If you have depressive tendencies, you might not want to see this movie. On the other hand…

This film is VERY arty, stressful and beautiful all at the same time. A few more things that might help you to decide whether or not you should see it:

  • it is scored (this could be a thumbs up or a thumbs down- personal choice)
  • Kirsten Dunst is in it, so if you think Kirsten Dunst is the hottest thing to ever walk the earth then you should probably see it (she won best actress at Cannes for this role, so yeah, she does show her boobs).
  • the topic of the world ending is somewhat titillating
  • Will Smith never appears and  never saves the day
  • not a spoiler: the first 7 minutes are dialogue-free.

You basically know what is going to happen all along…. and when it does finally (FINALLY) happen I was ready for the whole thing to end. Unlike the NPR review in which the reporter wishes that Melancholia would never end. Me, not so much.

Throughout much of the film I spent a lot of time trying to force my knitted brows to relax. The stress creases (I prefer that phrase to ‘wrinkles’) I developed while watching this movie may never fade. It was an anxiety-ridden piece and Keita and I were both totally wiped out by the end of it. Thank god I had Kathleen’s copy of Earth Girls Are Easy with me.

This little gem, circa 1988, stars Ginna Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans. If you’ve never seen it, or haven’t seen it in a while or *just saw Melancholia* see it! STAT.

Here’s why: Earth Girls are Easy is like some 80s, pop culture, LA pre-mix of Melancholia. “What?!” you say.

  • In the opening sequence of both movies, erie music accompanies a shot of planets, drifting through outer space.
  • (once the 7 minutes sans dialogue has ended in M), the opening scenes in both movies are of a girl in a wedding dress.
  • Ginna Davis makes a joke, when her finance sees the dress, about bad luck. So EGAE is a little more blatantly ominous than M. But, yes! That’s right! Both couples are disconnected. The marriage celebrations approach…  A plague upon both your houses!

The kicker, Julien Temple (director, EGAE), gets done in the first 23 minutes what it takes Lars Von Trier the entire film to accomplish: something finally collides with the earth.

Of course. That’s the point of Melancholia. But, in Earth Girls Are Easy, you are treated to the slapstick comedy of Jim, Damon and Jeff, pretending to be aliens, learning how to breakdance, (yes! an 80s breakdancing scene!) learning how to play the piano and pick up chicks. There’s even a (gasp) moment when Ginna Davis looks through a telescope and if you’ve just seen Melancholia, you will have developed a real thing about telescopes.

My advice: set aside a solid 4 hours, prepare mild sedatives if deemed necessary and sit back and enjoy.

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