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Theater Acting

Theatre Acting

Since returning to my hometown of Seattle in 2005, I have acted in productions around Seattle, mostly in comedic roles. Theater companies with which I’ve worked include: Annex, Balagan, 14/48, Arts West, LiveGirls!, GhostLight and more.

Some of the companies I’ve worked with (along with the name(s) of the productions):

14/48 – The World’s Quickest Theater Festival : various and many

Arts West: “Measure for Pleasure”

Balagan Theatre: “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”

Live Girls!: “Quickies Ten”, multiple readings

Annex Theatre: “Passport” and “Grand Guignol”

Seattle Public Theater, Papertrail, Ghostlight and others


Occidental College: I majored in Theater at Occidental College (LA, CA) and (minored in Cognitive Science!).  I studied Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Theater Tech, Design, and History, among others. A short play of mine was included in an original play festival and I played lead roles in many productions. All four years I was an ensemble member of the sketch comedy group, Sketchy People, as well as the improv group, Fantastimprov. I was also an ensemble member and teach artist with the Occidental Children’s Theater Company.

British American Dramatic Academy (BADA): I studied abroad in Oxford, ENG with member’s of the Royal Shakespeare Company during the summer of 2002. While there I studied classical and contemporary acting, voice and movement and took master classes from Fiona Shaw and Derek Jacobi, among others.

the early years… 

the old invisible rope

2nd grader, Bush School

pic of me, in mime paint

2nd grade, The Bush School (in Seattle) – I didn’t know there was a stigma against mimes yet and really jumped in.

Lakeside, 6th Grade

that’s me, playing a boIn 6th grade I landed my classical role in Midsummer Night’s Dream as either Demitrius or Lysander  – kudos to Lakeside’s gender-blind casting. (Also captured in this moment are old friends Catherine, Jane, Isaac, Edward and Zane).

My first acting role (beyond intimate performances in the living room at my family’s house) was in 2nd grade at the Bush School. I had no lines as a mime, nor did I carry much of a line load as a mountain in the 4th grade. But I was developing my ‘craft’ nonetheless!

Lakeside’s stellar theater department allowed me to stretch out in all different theatrical directions. I played the White Queen in an original musical adaptation of Alice, Through the Looking Glass, had a small chorus role in Brigadoon, a supporting role in Enemy of the People, and got to die comically as Frau Blumenblatt in On The Razzle. Between my junior and senior year I studied theater in Chicago at the National High School Institute. While there I took theater classes such as movement, voice, combat and Shakespeare. The program introduced me to the true discipline required of theater professionals, as well as the breadth of skill and training that was required to be a professional theater actor. The program took place on the campus of Northwestern University and we lived in the dorms, followed unique schedules, ate late night pizza and formed lasting friendships as the “Theater Cherubs.”  It was at Northwestern that I first took master classes from great actors and directors. My culminating performance was in the original version of Spring Awakening as Frau Bergman.

My senior year culminated with a return to Shakespeare – this time as Viola, the lead female role, in Twelfth Night. The cast was stellar and our director, the wonderful Gretchen Orsland, led us down the complex road of the play. Our Malvolio either did, or damn near did (depending on who you ask) steal the show. Either way, the end result was a great production; it was my first lead role and my first full experience of Shakespeare’s brilliant comedy and insight into the human condition.