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I monitor analytics and brand engagement to demonstrate the ROI that my work delivers. I look to see continued improvement in metrics that both drive short term business and in longer term brand metrics that indicate customer loyalty, engagement and brand strength. These metrics vary depending upon the industry, the channel, the sales cycle and more.

Colleen’s “outstanding creativity and output stem from a highly strategic and collaborative approach that helped us reach a bigger audience than ever before.” – Executive Director, Art with Heart, 2014

The metrics below are a sample from some of the outcomes I was creating for my clients ~ 5 years ago. Please connect with me directly to learn more. 

Analytics and Outcomes
 Satsuma 30 day comparison total traffic

  • Satsuma Designs has seen over a 2,000%* increase in website traffic over any given 30 day period since I began working with them on online marketing and social media in February, 2013. Additionally, referrals from exterior (social) sites are up 3,000% + * see screenshots
  •  Seattle’s Child’s Facebook audience has grown from 300 to 2,400+ with an average monthly referrals from social channels - 30 day period PREZI 2013 versus 2014budget of less than $10. Both on-page engagement and direct referral traffic to their website continue to grow. Seattle’s Child sees over 1,000 average direct referrals / 30 day periodfrom Facebook.
  • Seattle’s Child has seen a doubling of the seattle's child analytics social referralnumber of unique visitors to their website year over year [2 years running] and an increase of 850% in website referrals from Facebook from the time I started working with them.

Cap Cider Twitter

Engagement rates on social platforms vary according to many variables including time of year, time of day, audience demographics, the algorithm of the specific platform, and more. Engagement as a percentage is a strong indicator of the value of your content and of how well you know your audience. If your content is well-timed, on-brand and resonates with your intended audience, engagement rates should be strong. However, even the best organic promotions frequently need a monetary boost to achieve the tipping point of engagement that sends your clicks, comments, likes and shares into the stratosphere. I combine engaging content with well-timed brand advocate activity and post sponsorship to high levels of engagement rates.

  • Some clients, such as Capitol Cider, have very vocal fans across platforms. Momentum can be added by simply engaging in a conversation, repeating their messages and Seattles Child FB interactionsmaintaining brand voice.
  •  Seattle’s Child has an audience that demands timely updates and quick responses. When you engage quickly with them, they circle back. This lowered response time builds their appreciation for the brand, increases brand credibility and ensures that they will continue engaging with the Seattle’s Child social platforms and their products (website and magazine).

Gourmondo Facebook interaction

  •  Gourmondo Catering benefits from a natural base of fans. Getting them to engage can be slightly tougher (they seem to spend less time on social platforms than other client audiences) but delivering the right content at the right time has great results.




Please visit my LinkedIn profile for the most up-to-date information on my skills and clients. Additionally, see the most recent version of my resumé: Robertson_Resume

Film, Writing and Brand Curation
I’m comfortable working in many different forms to curate and create brand content.

    • directing and co-editing short marketing pieces
    • drafting blog and website content for multiple clients
    • using amature photography skills to supplement professional and stock photography for social platforms, newsletters, websites, etc

*I’ve excluded some numbers from screenshot to protect my clients.