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“Tech Week” explained

Tech Week for Death/Sex is upon us. It’s been rehearsals, from 6 pm – 11 pm- all week long. And we open tomorrow (Thursday!)

This process is just as reassuring and as nerve wracking as it has been since the early techs of high school. Lights are hung and focused. Sound is added. All of a sudden it is bright out there, and you have a song that cues your entrance. It all becomes real and you realize, once again, that this is all really going to happen. (“God, why God, did I sign up for this?!” is a thought that crosses most actors’ minds during Tech. – an equally extreme thought, as the first laughs tinker in from the stage manager, sitting in the audience is: “God I love doing this.”)

Tech week consumes your thoughts: as you drift off to sleep you think, “am I really going to be wearing a wig?” As you bike to work, you wonder, “will the stage really be painted before we open?” Ah the wonders  and horrors of new and strange props, cut and added lines and mustaches that keep falling off.

Highlights of this particular tech: managing to feel sexy while saying the dirty dirty lines that brilliant local playwright, Wayne Rawley crafted. lowlight: last play, mustache failure. I completely lost it. Was laughing uncontrollably, as myself (not acting!), on stage. Sean (the director) had attempted to write a note but only got so far as: “Colleen.” Yeah. Note taken.

But, there is a saying: bad dress, great open. Let’s hope so!

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