“Colleen has amazing taste when it comes to creative. She understands how to anchor ideas in what people actually care about. She has an uncanny ability to decipher user research and—like a seasoned journalist—get to the root of the issue. This was a huge unlock for briefing creative teams. She is able to wrangle a wide group of stakeholders to solve big problems. Finally, she is an amazing mentor and leader who coaches people along the path to career impact. I learned so much from watching her collaborate. “

– Taj Reid, colleague and Creative Director at Slalom, 2018

“As my manager, she helped me develop my marketing and copywriting skills. Now, as my mentor, she’s instrumental in my continued growth as a marketer and my career development. As a former university instructor, I can tell you she possesses a rare combination of broad and technical knowledge of concepts, and the ability to explain them in easy-to-understand ways. She’s also a strategic thinker. In one moment, she can provide insight into your go-to-market plan for a product. In the next moment, she’s advising you in life-long, career decisions with a keen eye to the future. Along with her approachability, these skills make her a formidable teacher and leader and I highly recommend her for any position that requires marketing expertise and teaching acumen.”

– Andrew Childs, direct report, Expedia Group Media Solutions, 2019

“Colleen is a strategic, thoughtful and creative leader. She serves as president of our 20-member, executive level board of directors. Colleen invites full participation and creative insights from each individual member while maintaining the strategic direction for the organization. She efficiently facilitates meetings with confidence and good humor. Colleen also provides leadership mentoring and support for our staff. She focuses on what’s working and skillfully encourages re-prioritization of tasks when needed. “

– Karen Schrantz, executive director of the Safe Crossings Foundation [where I serve as board member and past president-elect], 2018

I was in awe of Colleen when we were on the same team. You can give her any challenge, or drop her in any meeting, and she will think super-fast on her toes, problem-solve, and do it all with ease and a sharp wit. She’s fearless, extremely creative, and fun to work with. I loved brainstorming creative concepts with her and learning from her—and I’d love to work with her again in the future.”

– Randi Eicher, marketing colleague, Slalom, 2017

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